Zemisol is Hyper-Osmolar combination diuretic, osmolarity of Zamisol (1635 mOsmol/L) is greater than 20% Mannitol (1098 mOsmol/L) therefore Zemisol offers better diuretic activity as compare to 20% Mannitol. 

- Management of elevated ICP
- Cerebral Stroke
- Cerebral infarction
- Reduction of post infarction edema

Product Variants & Features

Product Strength Presentation Features
ZEMISOL Each 100 ml contains:
Mannitol 10% W/V Glycerin 10% W/V water for injection-q.s.
100 ml in PE bottle - Zemisol regulates water load in to the blood vessels of brain & manage elevated ICP, Cerebral infarction & cerebral stroke
- Zemisol is superior over Mannitol in reduction of increased ICP
- Zemisol offers reduced occurrence of Rebound Edema which is very common with mannitol
- Reduced chances of Infusion Phlebitis