Cultural and Sports Activities

" Elements of fun and engagement are essential parts of ‘Life at OPI’, which we experience through celebrations of festivals, cultural & sports activities, functional achievements, etc. Traditional festivals such as Uttarayan (kite flying), Navratri (garba), Dussehra, and several sports competitions including Soccer, Cricket, Table Tennis, Pool, Chess, and Carrom are conducted with full enthusiasm."

Healthy Work-life Balance

" In spite of being in a manufacturing sector, we follow five-day working culture, owing to which we fulfil our personal endeavors over weekend and enjoy family time too. "

Openness and Flexibility

" To create an atmosphere of comfort, a drive called ‘Fun Fridays’ is followed allowing Otsuka-people to wear smart casuals on Fridays. This flexibility in attire is adapted to unwind and foster cordial relationship amongst members."

Internal Communication Vehicle

" To boost up Otsuka-people's involvement & connectivity and speed up information exchange & decision making, we have an online intranet portal 'The O’ Life' which shares business information, internal news, key happenings, policy changes, and a lot more. It has enabled us to keep abreast of the happenings in the company."

Penchant for Technology

" We have technology-driven professional culture; all our key members are equipped with laptops, smart phones, and other technological devices aimed at supporting them in achieving greater efficiency and productivity."

Continual Learning

" OPI gives utmost importance to Training & Development. For personal development & career advancements, our HR team has designed well-structured capability enhancement programs to strengthen behavioural, managerial, and leadership skills of Otsuka-people. Quick learners are further exposed to prestigious institutions like IIMs, ISB, MDI, etc. for advanced learning and development. International exposure through participation in conferences, seminars, and exhibitions is an integral part of development philosophy at OPI."