Electrolyte disturbances can be caused by a variety of clinical conditions like Trauma, Injury, Burns, Shock, Diarrhoea, Electrolyte shifts in body compartment. In case when oral intake of food and fluid cannot be taken, electrolytes are administered intravenously. The most frequently used solution is 0.9% Sodium Chloride Solution which is isotonic to blood.

- In case of severe salt depletion due to dehydration, sweating, vomiting, diarrhoea
- As a primary solution in Hemodialysis
- When alkalosis is present alongwith Fluid loss
- In establishment of Renal Function

Product Variants & Features

Product Strength Presentation Features
NS Each 100 ml contains:
Sodium Chloride Infusion (0.9% w/v)
100/250/500/1000 ml

Technology :
Latest (BFS) - no human touch/contamination

Crown protector cap :
Protects the nipple from pressure