Hartmann devised the first practical saline lactate solution to avoid the excessive chloride content of isotonic saline solution & to supply bicarbonate ions.
Ringer Lactate solution provides electrolytes at the approximate concentration of these electrolytes in plasma, while supplying a bicarbonate precursor.

- As Fluid & Electrolyte Replenisher
- In case of Burns, Trauma
- To correct Metabolic Acidosis
- Ideal in Skin Graft Therapy

Product Variants & Features

Product Strength Presentation Features
RL Each 100 ml contains :
Sodium Lactate 0.320 g
Sodium Chloride 0.600 g
Potassium Chloride 0.040 g
Calcium Chloride 0.027 g
250 ml / 500 ml / 1000 ml

Technology :
Latest (BFS) - no human touch contamination

Potassium concentration :
Contains sufficient K+ to prevent ECF movement of cell potassium

Concentration of electrolytes :
Similar to that of plasma

Price :
Lower than other plasma volume expanders

Crystalloid Nature :
Can be used when body metabolism is low