IV Therapy is the most universal and common regimen followed for resuscitation of any patient. More than 80% of the patients receive IV therapy during their hospital stay.

But this life saving therapy is not without serious risks. It totally depends on the type of delivery system used to inject lifesaving drugs & infusions. Conventional delivery systems largely neglect issues such as air venting during administration, improper sterilization, and poor quality Infusion containers often leading to fatal Nosocomial infections or other critical complications in patients.

We have been relentlessly focusing upon offering innovative drug delivery systems; and this persistent pursuit has borne fruit in the form of advanced next generation closed-infusion system - the non-PVC, multi-layered, self-collapsible, UniBag.

UniBag range includes 5D, NS, DNS, RL, Multiple Electrolytes Solutions including others in different product specific volumes ranging from 100 ml to 1000 ml as follows:

Product Generic Name Volume
NS 0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection IP in UniBag 500/1000 ml
5D 5% Dextrose Injection IP in UniBag 500/1000 ml
DNS 0.9% Sodium Chloride + 5% Dextrose Injection IP in UniBag 500/1000 ml
RL Compound Sodium Lactate Injection IP in UniBag 500/1000 ml
Hafnor 0.45% Sodium Chloride Injection IP in UniBag 500 ml
Vitrinal 3% Sodium Chloride Injection IP in UniBag 100 ml
Zemisol 10% Mannitol & 10% Glycerine Intravenous Injection in UniBag 100 ml


Some of the features that make Non-PVC UniBag stand apart from conventional infusion delivery systems:

1. Closed Infusion System for 100% Protection against Nosocomial Infections
1.1 Self-collapsible
1.2 No Air venting

2. Sterilized at 121o C for 15 min, as per International standards
2.1 Kills most Heat resistant spore forming bacteria
2.2 More than 12 Log Sterilization

3. Multi-layered Bag film (3 layers) for better physio-chemical stability of infusion during shelf life
3.1 Outer layer – protects against high Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate
3.2 Middle Layers – provides strength to container
3.3 Inner layer – provides stability against pH variation

4. Made up of Non-PVC
4.1 No serious health hazards
4.2 No DEHP Leaching, Non-carcinogenic
4.3 Environment Friendly

5. Extra-medication and Administration Ports
5.1 Leach Free, Self-sealing
5.2 Drug mixing without Air contamination

6. OT Pack
6.1 Ready to use Pre-sterilized outer surface
6.2 Saves critical time during emergencies

7. Higher Transparency
7.1 Easy Visual inspection prior to Infusion

8. Higher Adaptability & Flexibility
8.1 Easy to fit in Pressure devices
8.2 Easy Handling & Storage